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Accessibility Statement

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Website accessibility

Use of website accessibility software One Click Accessibility.

The software allows the website to adhere to guidelines for content accessibility on the Internet.

The software is subject to the terms of use of the manufacturer.

The responsibility for the use and application of the website applies to the owners of the website and/or anyone on their behalf, including the content displayed on the website, subject to the terms of use of the software.

How accessibility works on the website:

An accessibility menu is posted on the website. Clicking on the menu allows opening the accessibility buttons. After selecting a topic in the menu, wait for the page to load. For details about website accessibility, you can click on the website accessibility link.


  • Increase text
  • Minimize text
  • High contrast
  • low contrast
  • light background
  • Highlight links
  • Readable font
  • Accessibility statement
  • Accessibility feedback


In spite of our efforts to make surfing on the website accessible for all website pages, it is possible that pages will be discovered on the website that have issues, or for which a suitable technological solution has not yet been found.

We continue our efforts to improve the site’s accessibility, as much as possible, and this out of faith and moral obligation to allow the use of the site for the entire population, including people with disabilities.

For questions, inquiries or clarifications, you can contact the support center by phone at 072-3340483 or by email at

The organizational accessibility coordinator is Asaf Solel

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