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5 reasons why it’s time to move your SAP Business One to the cloud

For a while now, SAP providers and users have been buzzing about moving SAP systems to the cloud. If you’re among the many enterprises that’s still on the fence about shifting your SAP Business One to the cloud, it’s time to rethink your hesitation. Cloud-based working is the way forward for every business and every tool, and for good reason, too. 

1. SAP in the cloud is always available

One of the biggest benefits of using SAP in the cloud is that it’s immediately available and accessible from every device. Without the cloud, your data, tools, and other resources are siloed into a single device (or a few devices). If anything happens to that device — theft, damage, or loss — all your work and data are gone forever. 

Additionally, if you’re working from home and you forget your work laptop, you’ll be effectively stuck, unable to get anything done while all your projects are locked into your work device. It’s a real issue in our current corona shutdown, with most workers forced to work remotely for an extended period of time. 

2. Cloud-based systems support better collaboration

Cloud-based systems are also better at supporting collaboration, especially between employees who aren’t in the same physical location. Cross-departmental collaboration and taking part in a team project with colleagues who are working remotely can be difficult if you’re constantly sending updated versions back and forth. 

In these situations, it’s easy to get confused about which version is the most recent, but cloud systems sync effortlessly across every device, so all team members always have the exact same version in front of them. 

3. SAP in the cloud will save you money

Using cloud-based PaaS, IaaS, and SaaS can save hundreds of thousands of dollars for enterprises in operational costs, depending on the type of infrastructure you need and the projects you’ll be running. Economies of scale mean that managed cloud services providers can deliver the same level of service and uptime for lower cost than you can when you’re supporting your own cloud systems. When using Cloud One as your service provider, you are sure to know in advance how much you will pay, there are no surprise payments and no extra charges. The savings are great. 

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    4. SAP in the cloud is fully scalable

    When you’re working in the cloud, you can scale your data, infrastructure, and computing needs up and down effortlessly, so you’ll only be paying for the amount you use. Dynamic scalability means that you can expand without anything standing in your way. There’s no limit to the amount of data you can process, because you won’t reach a cap on your server as you would if you were using on-prem infrastructure. 

    5. Systems have stronger backup and recovery 

    Finally, moving your SAP Business One to the cloud gives you easy data backup and recovery, providing reassurance and peace of mind. Cloud tools and databases are spread across a number of servers all over the world, so you’re not at risk of having your server crash, taking all your tools with it. 

    Cloud services also use high-quality recovery solutions that are more effective than anything a single enterprise system could support. Like other cloud services, SAP Business One is completely supported by a cloud backup solution.

    How to choose?

    Choosing the right cloud provider for your SAP Business One all boils down to two main factors: security, and speed. 

    Security is an obvious concern. Hackers never sleep, compliance regulations are rising, and your data is precious, so compromising on security is not an option. Public cloud providers can afford advanced, cutting-edge security measures that ensure the safety of your data. 

    Speed is every bit as important. You want a cloud that’s fast and responsive, because having to wait for processes to complete somewhat undermines the value of moving to the cloud. Public cloud is typically faster than private cloud.

    SAP Business One is simply better in the cloud

    Moving your SAP Business One solution to the cloud brings multiple benefits and barely any drawbacks. You’ll be able to enjoy improved collaboration, access to data and resources, and flexible scalability, while also seeing costs drop and secure backup options rise. All that remains is the difficult question of which type of cloud SAP is best for your business. 

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