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Benefits for SMBs of Having a SAP Business One on a Cloud

Some may mistakenly believe that SAP only provides software for larger businesses and corporations. However, this is not the case.

SAP Business One is also suitable for small and mid-market ERP offerings. You can give your small to mid-sized business access to enterprise-grade resources at an affordable cost.

SAP is global, but that does not mean that only larger enterprises can take advantage of its benefits and everything it offers. SAP Business One can help you manage and even scale your business while overcoming operational challenges you may face.

Here are some benefits for SMBs of having SAP Business One on a cloud.

Great Solution at a Great Price

With SAP Business One on a cloud for SMBs, you are gaining access to a great solution for streamlining all of your business processes at a great and affordable price.

Some smaller businesses have operational requirements that can be just as complex as larger businesses in some cases. Having access to an ERP system that provides analytics, management, and other solutions in one integrated solution is always a plus.

Improved Financial Visibility

When you have data spread across multiple spreadsheets, it can be hard to stay organized and have quick access to the information and data you need in real-time.

When you connect all your financial operations and integrate them with the other key business processes you have, you can improve several aspects of your SMB, including inventory management, purchasing, and sales.

You can also choose which employees you wish to grant specific access to so they have the data they need to complete their job. Not every employee needs to have access to every aspect of the business.

Improved Processes

Even for a smaller to mid-sized business, it can be challenging to keep up with vendor quotes, supplies, inventory, and payments. With SAP Business One on a cloud, you can gain more visibility when it comes to these processes so that you can gain better control over your pay cycle, receipts, invoices, payments, and so much more.

Anticipate Customer Needs

Another benefit for SMBs who choose SAP Business One on a cloud is the chance to integrate your sales and customer relationship management. You will be able to track the progress of every sale from beginning to end. You can then manage your customer relationships and marketing with just one single platform, streamlining these processes. With SAP Business One on a cloud, all your data and valuable information is in one place and is easy to access.

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    Best Practice Systems

    Another benefit is how SAP Business One allows you to achieve the best practice systems no matter your business or how large or small it is. You can customize ideal solutions for your business and industry and then implement those solutions easily in your market.

    Better Decision Making

    When all your data is readily available in real-time on the cloud, you can create and even customize business reports to help with decision making. You can find the important data to your decision and find a more agile approach to the decision-making process.

    Easy Access Training

    To help get everyone up to speed, SAP also has plentiful online training opportunities. This helps get everyone on the same page and teaches them how to use the software most effectively.

    Connect with Cloud Experts and Specific Offerings

    Even as a small to mid-sized business owner, you can see how a transition to the cloud can help while working with various SAP cloud experts. You will also find that SAP has two different options for SMBs, including BusinessByDesign and SAP Business One.

    BusinessByDesign is a cloud-first solutions package that offers human resource tools, financial planning software, management software, and customer relationship management solutions, among others.

    SAP Business One is a smaller-scale on-premises or cloud ERP system that includes CRM, financials, sales, and inventory. It can easily integrate with various other enhancements as well.


    When choosing SAP Business One for your business, you will achieve enhanced visibility and allow for much easier and more informed decision making for your business – no matter the size or industry.

    SAP Business One offers incredible speed, extraordinary service, and unbeatable prices. When you have everything on the cloud and implement these solutions to streamline important business processes, you can manage your business more effectively and at a more affordable price point.

    For profitable growth for SMBs, SAP Business One on a cloud delivers cloud deployment, integrated business intelligence, integration with the SAP HANA platform, and quick deployment. You will experience minimal to no downtime and can get back to business as usual right away.

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