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Business Continuity During COVID-19 with SAP Business One on Cloud

As we continue to navigate the complicated terrain of the coronavirus pandemic, businesses are finding ways to adapt to new work from home policies, restrictions on travel, social distancing, and sanitization requirements.

However, many other aspects of a business need to change for a business to continue to grow.

Today, we will talk about business continuity during COVID-19 with SAP Business One on Cloud and how this can help you continue to move forward.

Employee Safety and Management

If you have a small to mid-sized business, then SAP Business One can help keep you on track when it comes to recording and tracking all employee details, following through with the training process and documentation, and keeping a log of employee infection and incidents.

It can even help you manage the sanitization of common areas in the office and define how sanitization efforts are crucial in the production and manufacturing process.

SAP Business One helps streamline all of the above processes, and the software is designed to grow and adapt to the business as needed. This software integrates all working business functions for the entire business. This includes financial management, purchasing, sales, distribution, customer service management, inventory management, production, field service, and more.

When it is on the cloud, it makes it even easier for people throughout the organization to access whatever data they need from anywhere. This helps a business better manage their employees and helps ensure the continuation of a collaborative working environment.

Mobile and Remote Access

With more and more people making the transition to work from home and remote positions, everyone must have access to the information they need, even when they can’t be in the office. This is where SAP Business One on Cloud steps in.

With the remote support platform for SAP Business One, you can monitor customer’s environments and provide automated and remote support. It also minimizes disruptions and downtime as the result of business processes and databases.

With this software, a business can also better develop support tasks and can enable remote desktops. The applications of the business can be accessed from anywhere and are designed to work on different devices. So, even when you transition to remote work, there is business continuity as you create safe and controlled workspaces for all employees.

Adopt a Virtual Office Model

Expanding on what we have already covered when it comes to remote work opportunities, cloud-based solutions can help a small to mid-sized business achieve a successful virtual work infrastructure while ensuring service and data availability and balancing the tasks of each department within the business.

It makes it easier to manage remote work applications. It is easy to set up and quick to implement, requiring no downtime.

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    Evaluate Business Functions

    One of the ways to continue operations is by identifying critical business functions. This is important when it comes to mitigating the impacts of COVID-19. With a cloud-based ERP system, you can provide all your employees access to everything they need while also enabling multiple operating systems. Each department within the business can have access to the database to make faster and more informed business decisions.

    Disaster Recovery

    Having a business continuity plan amid the coronavirus pandemic is also important for limiting the risk there is to your business functions. With a cloud ERP system, you have a single software solution that can provide comprehensive disaster recovery solutions and important security capabilities.

    Business can continue as normal as well due to the backup and restoration of your data and workload across several different global data centers. This ensures that your data is always available and easily accessible whenever it is needed.

    Determine a Long Term Strategy

    Finally, business continuity during COVID-19 with SAP Business One on Cloud provides you the opportunity to come up with a long term strategy. You can collaborate with SAP experts to find ways to improve your current business processes.

    With the right hosting company, you can also gain knowledge, skills, and other services you need to help you address all your current and potential business risks and challenges so you can find improved ways to overcome and mitigate these risks.

    Cloud Hosting

    To help with your transition and ensure business continuity, Cloud One focuses on SAP Business One Cloud and works to deliver the fastest SAP cloud service possible. This allows your business operations to continue successfully while allowing you the opportunity to continue to develop your business.

    With SAP Business One and cloud hosting, you can successfully continue to scale your business while ensuring that all of your employees across each department continue to access critical data and business applications they need.

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