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Globalize Your Business with SAP B1 on a Cloud

You can now go global with SAP globalization services. You can run your entire business using a cloud ERP software suite. It is suitable for all fast-growing, mid-market businesses that want to scale and compete without high costs and complexities.

With SAP B1 on a cloud, you can connect every function of your business to achieve best practices and obtain more in-depth analytics.

With SAP B1 on a cloud, you can streamline all your end-to-end processes, enable agility so your business can quickly adapt to new opportunities, and obtain real-time analytics to help improve your profits and efficiency business.

SAP Globalization Services

If you want to achieve more advanced compliance reporting for your business, then SAP globalization services are the answer. With this kind of advanced reporting, you can ensure legal compliance with regulations globally.

You can also take full advantage of the reporting dashboard, embedded analytics, and a much more modern and intuitive UX.

When you use these globalization services, you will also find full audit traceability because everything is monitored on a unified dashboard.

In addition, you will also retain the flexibility that SAP B1 on a cloud offers while still complying with legal requirements that are continually changing. Finally, you can support on-time global compliance using different reporting formats.

An Overview of SAP B1 on a Cloud

SAP B1 on a cloud is considered an affordable and easy to use enterprise resource planning system (ERP). It has been specifically designed for those small to mid-market businesses by SAP, which is considered the world’s biggest ERP maker.

With SAP B1 on a cloud, you will have strong business management software that functions successfully in a very secure and safe cloud environment. This eliminates the need for server maintenance, backup systems, and other infrastructure management requirements.

Understanding Globalization

When we discuss globalization for any business, we are talking about working across several countries and regions. SAP globalization features allow you to use a particular solution across multiple countries and regions. At the same time, it is broken down into translation and other aspects to adapt to your business’s internationalization.

When going global, fields and configuration need to be figured out to enable the software to work in multiple countries. Some things that will need to be tailored to individual countries may include time zones, printing, currency, address formats, zip and postal code formats, social security formats, and telephone formats.

It is important to have the right set of monitored and maintained features to help keep all business processes on track, including your payroll, recruiting, and onboarding processes.

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     SAP Language Services

    If you need SAP specific translation expertise for your business to manage your SAP content, you can find this kind of support with SAP globalization services. These services have your business covered for interface developments to customer data, documentation, and your other SAP solutions.

    The Benefits of SAP B1 on a Cloud

    Now that you know how SAP globalization services can help you scale your business, let’s take a quick look at some other benefits you can have with SAP B1 on a cloud.

    • Lower Costs: When you move your business processes and data to the cloud, you don’t have to worry about investing in additional equipment. Instead, you pay a small fee to get things rolling and save on the costlier expenses.


    • Scalability: When looking for globalization and when wanting to scale your business, you want to make sure your SAP can grow with you. With SAP B1 on a cloud, you will find that it can keep up with your business’s changing landscape as it evolves with you.


    • Remote Access: When you can access your data remotely from anywhere with SAP Business One, you have 24/7 access to real-time data and analytics, even when you are out of the office.

    So, if you are looking for a simple and easy to use system that takes the guesswork out of scaling your business, then SAP B1 on a cloud is something to consider as you move toward your goal of globalization.

    Hosting SAP Business One

    If you are looking for hosting, you will find that our Cloud One experts have a fully managed cloud platform that supports SAP Business One and others, including MS SQL and SAP HANA. We also integrate with local software as well.

    We offer fully-managed services, so you don’t have to spend time worrying about anything. You can shift your focus from system updates, maintenance, and security to where it really matters – scaling your business.

    Globalizing your business makes it easier for a company to compete and has provided businesses with many new opportunities.

    So, consider how you can globalize your business with SAP B1 on a cloud to make things easier as you streamline all business processes while considering the needs of reaching across different countries and regions.

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