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Everything You Need to Know About SAP Business One Cloud Security

If your business is considering migrating to SAP Business One Cloud, you may be wondering about the security measures used to keep all sensitive data safe and secure. SAP Security governs what data and processes can be accessed within the SAP landscape.

Today, we will go over everything you need to know about SAP Business One Cloud security.

The Advantage of SAP Business One Cloud

The biggest advantage you will find when choosing to use SAP Business One Cloud is the ability to scale your business and innovate within a secure environment. With SAP Business One, you have a secure cloud environment built to meet the requirements of even the more security-sensitive businesses and organizations.

SAP Business One is considered a certified solution powered by SAP Cloud One. The Cloud One infrastructure has safeguards in place to protect the privacy of your business. All the data being stored in the cloud is in a security-controlled environment. This kind of advanced infrastructure also comes with disaster recovery services that provide optimal protection against your storage media’s technical failure, guaranteeing that you have the highest performance overall.

It is even possible to save money with this infrastructure because you can maintain high-security measures without using your own team to do so. You can also scale your security to meet the needs of your cloud usage. It doesn’t matter how small or large your particular business is. The cloud environment is designed to keep all your data safe.

Fundamentals Needed to Secure Your Business

When securing your business, there are 8 fundamentals you must keep in mind as you find the right cloud and security solutions.

  1. You must use a firewall
  2. You need to document all cybersecurity policies currently in place
  3. Develop a plan to secure mobile devices
  4. Educate and train all employees on security solutions
  5. Enforce safe password practices throughout the company
  6. Regularly back up all data
  7. Install anti-malware software
  8. Always use multifactor authentication

Being proactive about the security of your business is important. Following the list above is just another way you can make your SAP Business One more secure.

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    On-Cloud vs On-Premise

    You will also find a great difference in security between on-cloud vs on-premise. With an On-Cloud SAP Business One model, your data is well-protected. It is encrypted and stored in secure data centers that also take advantage of various physical and network safeguards.

    Why Having the Right Security In Place Is Essential

    When you have access to SAP Business One on Cloud, you can rest assured the security measures are safe and secure. These security measures can detect and protect against any vulnerabilities there may be, including malware and any unauthorized changes there may be. This includes high security and safety for hybrid cloud security as well.

    Security and Monitoring Features

    SAP Business One on cloud security offers 24/7 professional security, continuous leak detection, and an information security management system. You maintain control and run your SAP Business One operations how you need to with all the functionality you need to meet all of your requirements.

    The best part? You don’t have to be the one looking after your infrastructure. SAP Business One can do this for you. There are no additional payments needed to support your security or support your IT system.

    The data centers are located in 12 global facilities worldwide. Only the highest level of security and standards are in place to protect and safeguard all data in the cloud while also complying with international data privacy legislation. We meet all PCI DSS security standards. This compliance is important for all industries if you handle payment card transactions.

    PCI DSS stands for “Payment Card Industry Security Standards Council”. Discover Financial Services, MasterCard, American Express, Visa, and JCB International originally formed this council in 2006. Its primary goal was to manage the evolution of the payment card industry standards.

    In addition to this, we also run two complete backups per day while also guaranteeing fast and uninterrupted access to all of your data, no matter what.

    Why Choose SAP Business On Cloud

    When you choose SAP Business on the cloud, you will find many advantages, including integrated reporting and analytics tools that can help you streamline all of your business operations. SAP Business One is an affordable and flexible way to manage your business while integrating key business functions.

    There is no need to worry about security when choosing this option for your business because whatever is saved in the cloud is backed up, secure, and safeguarded with encryption, firewalls, and other methods to ensure that all data remains secure.

    For more information on SAP Business One Cloud services, contact Cloud One today. We are official SAP partners and can fill you in on how our security measures top industry standards.

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