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SAP Business One On AWS

Finding technology solutions for any business is important. It’s also a challenge at times, and making sure that you’re able to connect with the right solutions for your company is a priority for anyone. It’s estimated that 83% of enterprise workloads will be in the cloud by the end of 2020, and that alone helps serve as a clear indicator of just how game-changing cloud technology has already been.

When a business needs data management, storage, and other solutions, the right tech makes a big difference. At Cloud One, we take pride in being able to offer SAP Business One cloud services that our clients can trust. Already, more than 1,500 enterprises use Cloud One and taking a closer look at why is important.

Other options out there like AWS remain popular, but once you spend some time comparing the two choices it becomes clear just why Cloud One is the better choice. With that in mind, let’s break down some of the big differences and the main reasons that we should be your go-to option.

AWS Basics

AWS is similar to many other providers in that customers must invest in the hardware that is operating the system. This means that things like computers, hard drives, memory, storage space, and more must all be bought or leased.  Only the server is provided. They’ll then be installed, generally on-site.

While this is a straightforward enough approach to things, the reality is that in doing so several issues are created. This can range from higher overall costs to infrastructure issues and more. Many businesses still may prefer the idea of investing in hardware as part of their SAP Business Cloud services, but there is a better way.

Cloud One Basics
Cloud One breaks away from the hardware mold and offers a full Cloud service instead.  This means that no major hardware purchases are made by the customer. SAP Cloud One provides a fully managed cloud service including all necessary memory, hard drive, and more. Additionally, other things included are:

  • Security backups
  • Threat management
  • System updates
  • Maintenance
  • And more

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    With SAP Cloud One, prices are based on users, not per customer. Already, 94% of enterprises use Cloud solutions. Applying it in a better, more effective and affordable way is a must for all businesses operating today.   SAP Cloud One offers that solution.

    A Breakdown Of The Big Differences And What They Mean To Your Business
    Understanding just how these two cloud options work is only the first step. Taking a deeper dive into the specific pros and cons is also important, and can help make your decision as to which to use much easier. Let’s go through some of the key points worth knowing about.

    First, overall costs. SAP Cloud One offers completely managed Cloud services without any hassle. Instead of having to spend for additional hardware costs like with AWS, Sap Cloud One provides a solution for any business of any size, all at the best price.

    You also save money due to the fact that Cloud One handles everything for you. No ongoing maintenance fees, hidden costs, staff payroll costs for IT maintenance, or any other prices. You get a flat rate and pay that, nothing more. It’s the easiest way to fit your Cloud service requirements into your budget.

    Scalability is another major consideration. As a business grows, its requirements for SAP Cloud services will change as well. Cloud One makes it easy to scale your service along with your business growth. You won’t have to reinvest in new hardware, modify your existing infrastructure, or do anything else. Instead, you just let our team know and we’ll give you the new price point and adjust service accordingly. Again, it’s not only cost-effective, but user friendly and designed to cut out the stress and hassle in a big way.

    SAP Cloud One also offers unmatched support and will help design the exact service that you need. By talking to our experts, you essentially craft the cloud service that works best for your needs and budget. Once it’s put into place, the team offsite handles everything. You have nothing to worry about in regard to things like maintenance, security, and more. You just pay the base fee and enjoy a service that will work and grow along with your company.

    Lead Your Business Into The Future

    Any business operating today that wants to remain fully relevant will have to invest in solid IT services, SAAS solutions, and Cloud services. At SAP Cloud One, we believe in treating each customer with the respect they deserve and in helping make sure that they get the results they need no matter what their goals are, what their business size may be, or what their overall considerations are. It’s a better way to stay in the cloud.

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