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SAP HANA on Azure

Today’s businesses rely heavily on their technology. No matter if it’s basic data storage, a SAS system for managing benefits, or some other tech-related process, the fact is that if you can’t rely on your technology your business could suffer. In fact, every year just basic IT downtime ends up costing businesses over 1.5 million dollars.

At Cloud One, we understand just how vital a combination of power, performance, and reliability really is. For more than a decade we’ve delivered the best cloud computing services for all SAP Business one needs, and over the years we’ve become a trusted leader in the field. We offer a unique approach compared to other options like Azure, and taking a closer look at just what we provide can help explain why we’re the best choice when you need SAP Business One cloud management solutions.

Azure And What It Does

While Azure does have a history of being dependable within the field, the big difference lies in how the system works. Azure works by providing only the server in terms of the actual hardware a business needs for its SAP solutions. That means things like hard drive size, memory, and more are all directly related to the overall cost the customer pays – the price is set based on the hardware that is provided. This means that a large upfront investment must be made, then periodical updates, maintenance, and more must be completed to ensure that the system continues to work as needed. In some situations this can even mean ongoing staff labor costs due to repairs or upgrades.

SAP Cloud One

With SAP Cloud One, hardware isn’t a factor. Customers are provided a fully managed cloud service that they can rely on. Instead of paying for expensive hardware, customers pay for the service that’s provided while we manage the system itself. Price here is based on the needs of a user, not just hardware specs. Customers explain their specific needs and then get a system that matches their goals and requirements. Nothing is bought that isn’t part of the overall plan, which means that money is saved while still getting results.

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    The Differences Worth Understanding

    With the basics of what each option does and how it works understood, the benefits of using SAP Cloud One becomes clear. Those who need Cloud services will be happy to know that we have them covered with the best solutions in the field available today.

    It starts with pricing. With Azure and other similar options, customers must pay for the hardware itself. This can quickly get expensive, and making matters worse is the fact that often, they pay for more than they need since there are only certain options available.

    SAP Cloud One is different. You only pay for what you need. And since there are no big equipment and hardware purchases involved, you don’t have to worry about paying for anything beyond the exact services and products your business requires. And since you’re not buying hardware, you save money by just paying for appropriate services.

    Additionally, Azure and other methods will force businesses to spend large sums when they need an upgrade in their services. Customers have to purchase new hardware that can handle their needs if those needs end up exceeding the capabilities of their existing system.

    With SAP Cloud One, the lack of hardware means that no big hardware investments are needed as a company grows. The entire system can scale with a company. This means that cost increases are smaller, and that the system can be adjusted based on the customer needs instead of on arbitrary hardware specifications. This is a big part of why more than 50% of IT spending is already cloud-based. The scalability is unmatched and makes it easy to grow your company without having to constantly spend large sums on more hardware capabilities.

    Finally, all hardware required for the system is stored off site. This has the benefit of adding disaster protection, data protection, and other security advantages. There’s nothing on your business site to be put at risk, which means that you’re able to enjoy more confidence knowing that your data is completely safe no matter what happens.

    Securing a Better Future For Your Business

    Your business deserves stability and a solid foundation on which to operate. That means that you need a cloud computing service that can handle all of your needs. At SAP Cloud One, we take pride in creating a system that works for our clients no matter what they’re looking for.

    If you need computing services to back your systems, we’re here to help. Instead of investing in large amounts of hardware that may not even last for more than a year or two, consider the benefits of going completely into the cloud with SAP Cloud One. It could be the best choice you make for your company.

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