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SAP HANA On Cloud Works Just As Well

One of the oldest adages in the world is “knowledge is power.” In the 21st century, this is truer and more vital than ever before, as the world finds itself firmly in the information age. Data is what powers the computers we use today. Data allows businesses to operate smoothly and, in some cases, provides the raw material that makes operations possible at all.

But with more data comes a pressing problem: how do you manage and use that data in efficient, meaningful ways? One tool is business productivity software like SAP Business One, which organizes information for human users in ways that different facets of business require. Another method is processing or refining that data, which is where SAP HANA comes in. But what is SAP HANA, and how can businesses benefit from it?


What Is SAP?

SAP is a company, and the letters stand for Systems, Applications, and Products in Data Processing. The company is based in Germany, and for years, it has been at the forefront of creating enterprise resource planning software or ERP. In other words, they produce business productivity software designed to help companies work more efficiently.

HR management, materials procurement, and customer relations management are just a few of the areas that SAP ERP software is used. However, they have branched into more advanced areas of handling data. It’s not enough to accumulate a lot of data and organize it well, although those factors are essential. Data must also be used effectively, and that is where data processing becomes critical.


The SAP HANA Process

HANA stands for High-performance Analytics Appliance. It is different from traditional data processing in one crucial respect: speed. With standard data processing, the data to be processed is stored in a database. To process it, the data must first be retrieved and then placed in computer memory for the actual processing to be done. With large or complex sets of data, the time required for both retrieval and processing can add up considerably.

The SAP HANA method, however, uses data that is in memory. This means that there is no lag or downtime in retrieval because the information is already there, in memory, and it can be immediately processed. This takes less time and increases performance gains.

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    Going Beyond Processing

    As the years have passed and innovations like faster computation and online integration have come to the fore, SAP HANA has grown beyond its capacity to process data quickly, although it still does this. SAP HANA can perform a wide range of functions in addition to utilising new cloud computing techniques for faster, decentralised results.

    The new versatility that SAP HANA brings to corporate data involves the following:



    Part of processing data is deriving meaning from that data. Analytics is a crucial part of data processing that gleans the significance of specific data into results that can be of use, whether it is marketing data for more effective sales or simulation data for better modeling.


    Storage Enhancement

    Data does not always have to reside in memory. In many instances, it makes sense to use more traditional means such as databases. However, database management can be a useful tool in ensuring that data retrieval, both for processing and employment use, is made more efficient.


    Management Enhancement

    How data is moved, where it is moved, where it is stored, and the methods used to retrieve and use data upon retrieval are all aspects of data management. SAP HANA technologies can optimize data management to ensure that people and programs that require this data can make the most of it.


    App And Tool Enhancement

    Developing specific software, such as those for applications and tools, often means using data. SAP HANA can be used to improve the way data is utilized for application and tool development. This means better performance and faster results when creating various apps and tools for internal and customer use alike.


    Working On The Cloud

    With SAP HANA as a cloud computing tool, people can access functionality and data from any location as long they have an Internet connection. This is especially useful in uncertain situations, such as the current global pandemic that has caused the government to advise employees to work from home.

    Cloud-based SAP HANA means a boost in performance by providing more computational ability. It also expands the users’ reach. Whether a manager is working on a desktop in their home office or an employee needs to get some data, SAP HANA techniques make it possible for them to do their tasks and get the results they want without being tied down to a specific physical location.

    If you’d like to learn more about SAP ERP software or SAP HANA cloud-based technology, get in touch with us today to ask about the cloud solutions we offer.


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