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Working from Home Has Never Been Easier with SAP Business One

Working from Home 

Working from Home is a trending topic worldwide as the current COVID-19 global lockdown impacts millions. While remote is a new experience for many workers around the globe, it was increasing in popularity well before this crisis. With constantly evolving technology and innovation making WFH more accessible and productive, there are some who believe that post-pandemic, the modern workplace will permanently shift to remote teams. This would be a welcome shift for American workers. In a recent study, employees were found to be willing to give up 8% of their salary for the ability to work from home. 

There are numerous benefits of working from home, including:

  • Enhanced productivity 

One great tip for WFH productivity is to dedicate a working space. Combine this with setting regular working hours, and you will likely find that you are getting much more done than you normally would in an office setting. 

  • Flexibility 

Being able to make your own schedule, wear what you want (unless you are on a Zoom call), and create your own workspace is invaluable. 

  • Economical and ecological 

WFH means no more commuting – this saves both money and the environment. As some have noted in the current situation, emissions drop dramatically when workers stay home. 

Of course, remote work also has its challenges. Ensuring that work services run smoothly and that technical issues are minimized means making sure that employees can seamlessly access files, tools, and systems while maintaining speed and security. 

SAP Business One and Business Continuity

During a typical workday, employees access numerous services and platforms to facilitate workflow. We are often so accustomed to video conferencing solutions, task management and communication platforms, and enterprise resource planning (ERP) software that it is often taken for granted until it fails.

SAP Business One is cloud-hosted and secure from any potential disruptions. Available anywhere, SAP Business One is the number one choice for ERP with vast experience supporting remote work to keep things moving even in turbulent times. 

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    Cloud-Hosted WFH Solutions

    Keeping your business data stored on the cloud ensures business continuity and keeps employees working remotely with maximum productivity and minimum hassle. Never worry about maintaining a server or storage device, keep your systems secure, and get full support when you need it with SAP Business One Cloud.

    SAP Business One cloud experts manage your business information with advanced security technology so your data is kept safe. Some security features that distinguish the SAP Business One Cloud ERP solution are:

    • Enhanced and configurable network security
    • Continuous backup and replication
    • Access control and authentication
    • Transparent monitoring and logging
    • Advanced data encryption 

    In today’s uncertain climate and increasingly remote workplace, SAP Business One delivers consistent and secure access to your business data, anywhere and anytime, even in the face of emerging challenges.

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